A work permit is a permit for a certain period of time given to foreigners who come to Turkey for work and residence. According to the International Labor Law No. 6735, foreigners who come to Turkey to work must obtain permission before starting to work. This permit is issued as an official document by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services and is valid for a certain period of time. The maximum period given in the first application is one year, but those who come with the request for an extension application are given a maximum two-year work permit for the first extension, and a maximum of three years for subsequent applications. This situation falls within the scope of temporary work permit.

An indefinite work permit can be granted upon the application of foreigners who have a long-term residence permit in Turkey or a legal work permit of at least eight years. However, the fact that foreigners meet the application conditions alone does not provide absolute rights to individuals. Apart from the temporary and indefinite work permit, an independent work permit can also be issued. Independent work permit can be given to those who are in the professional occupation group, provided that they fulfill the conditions in other laws.

In independent work permit applications, the education level of foreigners coming to Turkey, their professional experience, their contribution to science and technology, their impact on the Turkish economy, investments and employment and other issues to be determined by the Ministry are determined as criteria. This type of leave is temporary and has a definite duration as a requirement of the work.

From Which Ministries Can A Work Permit Be Obtained?

The International Labor Law No. 6735, which was accepted by the Parliament regarding work permits, was published in the Official Gazette on 13.08.2016 and updated. With the 7th paragraph of Article 27 of this Law, the Law No. 4817 on Work Permits of Foreigners was repealed. According to the said law, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services has been authorized.

 However, some cases are considered exceptions. According to this, since the related technical infrastructure works have not been completed yet, YÖK(higher education institution)  gives work permits to academic staff working at universities, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to artists who will work in operas and theaters within its body, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports to professional athletes. When the technical infrastructure process is completed, the issuance of the work permit will be completely transferred to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services. According to the law, it is obligatory to obtain the permission of the relevant Ministry in order to employ a foreign national person in Turkey. Penal and administrative action is taken against foreign employees who do not have a valid work permit. Entry to Turkey, passports, visas and residence permits of foreigners who fall into this situation are checked and those who do not qualify are deported. Obtaining a work permit also replaces a residence permit.However, if the person is in conditional refugee and temporary protection status, the work permit does not replace a residence permit.

How Are Work Permit Applications Evaluated?

Work permit applications are finalized within thirty days at the latest from the application date, provided that the documents are complete within the body of the relevant ministry. Meanwhile The Ministry, in order to notify the applicant of the work permit application decision, positively or negatively, to the foreigner who made the application, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the relevant TR. notifies the foreign representative. The result of the application made in Turkey is notified directly to the employer.

The evaluation of the application is carried out entirely through a specific workplace or business. In other words, foreigners cannot act according to a permission system that allows them to work in any workplace they want. While issuing a work permit, attention is also paid to the expiry date of the passport. Accordingly, the request of the person concerned is arranged not to exceed the date sixty days before the expiry date of the passport. On the other hand, work permit applications made with a passport with a validity of less than sixty days and a document replacing a passport as of the work permit application date are not processed. Work permit can be obtained for foreigners through authorized institutions.

How Can I Obtain A Work Permit?

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