What is Exceptional Citizenship Counseling?

  • What is Exceptional Citizenship Counseling?

The Turkish citizenship of foreign nationals is carried out according to many different criteria. One of them is the acquisition of Turkish citizenship exceptionally. The acquisition of exceptional Turkish citizenship is regulated in Article 12 of the Citizenship Law No. 5901. In the three paragraphs of this article, it is explained who can be accepted as Turkish citizenship. Accordingly, first of all, those who pass the service in scientific, technological, cultural, artistic, economic, social fields in Turkey or who bring industrial facilities or who have been offered the right by the relevant ministries may be entitled to Turkish citizenship. Secondly, persons who are deemed obliged to be naturalized for the benefit of our country or for any reason, and finally those who are considered immigrants, are evaluated under the exception. The process of obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship can be carried out by the proposal of the Ministry of Interior and the decision of the Council of Ministers, provided that the applicant is not an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.

What Operations Are Performed?

In order for the application to be made, an application petition must be submitted and then add an identity document, birth certificate, document showing marital status of the person’s country of residence, a sample of the population registration of spouses and children, a population registration sample belonging to the first and second-degree relatives of the applicant, and a receipt for the service fee deposited to the Finance Teller. Turkish translation of these documents must be made and notary certified.

In order to obtain exceptional citizenship, a security investigation is carried out before the General Directorate of Police to determine whether the person concerned poses a threat to public safety and public order. After this process is positive, the file is sent to the Council of Ministers for a final decision and after the approval of the Council of Ministers, the right to citizenship can be granted to the person concerned.

Quick Solution with My Turkish ID

The process of obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship can be carried out by consulting firms. In this context, it is important to collect the necessary documents, follow the application procedures and operate the legal processes correctly. Therefore, exceptional citizenship consultancy firms are needed to ensure that transactions are carried out quickly and in the right process.

Serving in Ankara, My Turkish ID carries out exceptional citizenship procedures for those who want to invest in Turkey or make decisions in this direction quickly and reliably. Since My Turkish ID is an Ankara-based consulting firm, official transactions can be completed in a very short time. Therefore, exceptional citizenship consultancy procedures mean that the problems of foreign nationals applying under the consultancy of My Turkish ID Ankara can be solved quickly, by a quality and expert team without any problems. In this context, the company provides exceptional citizenship consultancy services to ensure that investors who come to Turkey look positively at our country.

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