As a result of globalization, borders between countries are rapidly disappearing almost completely. Citizens of different countries are traveling more and more every day or they are trying to live there by obtaining a residence permit from different countries. Citizens who intend to live in different countries, on the other hand, want to obtain rights within the scope of citizenship law from the countries they want to live in.

Naturally, more demand occurs to developed or developing countries. For this reason, countries with strong investment and employment opportunities are in high demand.Among these countries, Turkey has also drawn attention in recent years. Citizens of many countries, including from many parts of the world, see their future in Turkey and want to settle here.For this, they apply to obtain the right to Turkish citizenship.

Turkey has determined the conditions for naturalization with the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901. According to this, “Turkish citizenship is acquired by birth or later.” Turkish citizenship acquired subsequently is realized with the permissions granted by the competent authorities under certain conditions. Article 10 of the said law also sets out the legal situation required for foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship. In other words, foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship by meeting certain conditions.

In recent years, especially developing countries have used different ways to attract investors from foreign countries and to provide employment to their countries. One of them is the way of granting the right of citizenship through the acquisition of real estate.

The use of investment as a criterion in granting the right to citizenship is being developed in Turkey with the legal infrastructure made in recent years. In this context, with the Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 106 issued on 19.09.2018, the ways of acquiring Turkish citizenship were determined within the scope of article 12/1-b of the Turkish Citizenship Law. With this regulation, it has been revealed how foreigners who can acquire Turkish citizenship through the acquisition of real estate can benefit from these rights. Accordingly, it is stipulated that at least 250 thousand US Dollars or its equivalent in foreign currency or its equivalent in Turkish Lira must be purchased, provided that an annotation is put in the title deed records that it cannot be sold for three years.

 While this figure was 1 million USD before the legal regulation was made in 2018, it was reduced to 250 thousand USD after this date, making it much easier to acquire Turkish citizenship through real estate.Thus, this claim, which previously required a high amount of investment, was reduced to more favorable conditions and foreigners were encouraged to invest in Turkey.

Foreign nationals can benefit from this law not only in purchasing housing, but also in real estate acquisitions of different nature such as land, fields, workplaces, factories. However, a foreign real person can purchase maximum 30 hectares of real estate throughout the country.Apart from this, some rules regulated according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey come into play.Therefore, the correct evaluation of some legal and technical processes in order to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate is important for foreigners who apply.Therefore, this process requires getting a professional consultancy service in Turkey as in every country.

My Turkish ID is an expert consultancy company that follows the technical and legal processes from the beginning to the last stage in the process of foreigners acquiring Turkish citizenship through real estate acquisition. In this context, My Turkish ID ensures that the foreign nationals who want to apply, start the process with correct advertisements and satisfactory information, and ensure that the application proceeds in a healthy way.

 Therefore, My Turkish ID provides all kinds of assistance to its clients by targeting correct guidance, correct information and a planned process management. Undoubtedly, it is important for the customer to accurately convey the conditions such as location, title deed transactions and processes in real estate acquisition. Based on the past experiences, My Turkish ID intervenes immediately to possible problems that may be experienced and helps the customer to have an investment tool comfortably.

On the other hand, the correct management of the legal processes is ensured with the expert support provided by My Turkish ID, so that the investor can obtain Turkish citizenship with the acquisition of real estate very easily.

My Turkish ID aims to serve our country at the same time by contributing to all kinds of support and consultancy service processes, based on the idea that every investment made by foreigners will add value to Turkey. It considers every work it will do in this direction valuable and sees it as a source of pride.

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